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Ghent University Choir


Who are we?

The Ghent University Choir was founded in the beginning of the academic year 2000-2001 by some students, who started a journey throughout the world of choral music. The actual launch as ‘university’ choir came in the wake of the VTK-VRG band, now the Ghent University Symphony Orchestra (GUSO). End of 2001 Joris Derder joined the GUK as conductor and the pathway was open to growth. Now, a good 13 years later, the choir consists of about 60 students and doctoral students from a wide range of disciplines.

In addition to the semestrial concerts in own management, the Ghent University Choir graces various solemn proclamations, academic sessions and conferences and participates in the provincial tournaments of the federation ‘Koor en Stem’. In February 2013, the GUK was rewarded a place in the category of excellence (with prominence).

Guk-cv-afbeeldingThe GUK also travels each year on foreign concert tour. It already had concerts in Hungary, Great Britain, Denmark, Poland, Spain, Italy and Austria. But they don’t only keep to Europe. In the summer of 2013 the GUK on concert tour payed a visit to New York!

The repertoire of the GUK ranges from the early Renaissance polyphony on baroque and romantic works of 20th -century choral literature, with an emphasis on the contemporary classical repertoire and Belgian music. In May 2006 the GUK ventured in collaboration with 15 soloists and instrumentalists at the opera Dido & Aeneas by Henry Purcell. In the spring of 2009 the GUK conducted in collaboration with the Ghent Cantabile, the  John Passion by Bach in Ghent and in Wassenaar (Netherlands). To celebrate its 10th anniversary in May 2010, the GUK introduced the Carmina Burana by Carl Orff. In October of the same year they were asked, along with the choirs of the Association of the Ghent University, to perform Carmina Burana once again for the Festival of Flanders. Late April and early May 2011, together with Kantilene Aalst, they brought Fauré ’s Requiem. Also another requiem, that of Verdi , had it’s recital, and this in March 2013. In May 2014, the GUK has collaborated with the Ghent University Symphony Orchestra (GUSO) and brought  ‘A child of our time‘ by Michael Tippett. At the end 2014 the choir joined the international project 1000 Voices for Peace, in remembrance of World War I. This May the GUK presents BEESTIG, a playful concert

Do you like to sing?
If you like singing and you want to become a part of the GUK, you can contact us and present yourself as a candidate.

We’ll give you a notice whenever new open rehearsals and voice trials are scheduled, which is normally at the beginning of each semester.