Board 2022-2023

The new academic year is approaching, and this year too a new board is ready to steer the GUK in the right direction. We would like to introduce everyone:

  • Chairman – Hannelore, student preparatory program conflict & development
  • Vice President – Xavier, PhD student in Biomedical Engineering
  • Treasurer – Stan, medical student
  • Secretary – Marie, master student of environmental science and technology
  • Logistics – Hannes, civil engineering student & Janne, occupational therapy student
  • PR Extern – Yarkin, pharmacy student
  • PR Intern – Florence, language and literature student
  • Weekend – Ina, master student of art sciences
  • Party – Phebe, life sciences industrial engineering student
  • Editors – Jutta, master’s student of bioengineering
  • Reis – Ewoud, doctorandus photonics