Become a member

Every semester we welcome a new batch of Ghent students. University, college or doctoral students can join our choir. Because the GUK is also a student association in addition to a choir, we set an age limit of 30 years. So plenty of time to flourish after your studies. It also plays to your advantage if you can read notes, but that is certainly not a requirement. The same goes for choir experience.

For whom?

To become a member of the GUK you must meet the following admission requirements:

  1. Being a student at a higher education institution in Ghent.
  2. Being younger than 30 years old.
  3. Pass the audition.

When you join the choir, you commit yourself to singing together with other Ghent students. That is very nice, but of course that also includes rehearsals. More information about the practical side of our rehearsals can be found here.

Open rehearsals – meet us

Normally we start every semester with an open rehearsal. The next open rehearsal will be in September 2024.. This is a rehearsal that is open to everyone, where you can get acquainted with how the choir works and soak up the atmosphere: Is the choir something for you? Do you feel comfortable with the people who are there? You will learn that and much more! You can already discover us musically on our YouTube channel and soak up the atmosphere in our photo gallery on facebook or feel free to send us an email or speak to our choir members if you know them.

The audition

If you decide to become a member of the GUK after an open rehearsal, a voice test will follow to determine how well you were able to follow the open rehearsal. This serves to guarantee the musical quality of the choir.

What does the audition entail?

  1. We gauge the motivation on the registration form (why did you choose the GUK, musical experiences,…) and have a little chat with you upon reception.
  2. You sing through a piece of music from the open rehearsals with accompaniment. This makes it crucial that you come to the open rehearsals.
  3. You sight read a piece of music that you will receive upon arrival.
  4. We determine your tessiture (voice group) with a voice exercise.

The audition takes a maximum of 20 minutes in total: 10 minutes to welcome you quietly and the conversation and the last 10 minutes for the voice test itself. The voice test is taken individually for the conductor and someone from the board. The final decision lies with these persons. The result of the audition will be communicated by e-mail.